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Bundi Masala

Indulge in Namkin's premium namkeen snacks, a divine fusion of spicy and mild, crunchy and soft, crafted to perfection.


Experience the divine delight of Rasgulla, a perfect fusion of sweetness and sponginess, crafted to perfection.

Salted Chips

Savor the crisp perfection of Salted Chips, a delightful fusion of saltiness and crunchiness, crafted to perfection.

Our Specialities


Variety: With a wide variety of snacks to choose from, Namkin has something for everyone. Whether you prefer spicy or mild, crunchy or soft, Namkin has it all.

Gulab Jamun

Decadent: Gulab Jamun is a truly indulgent dessert, with its rich, syrupy texture and deep, complex flavors.


Crunchy: Jalebi's crispy texture is one of its most appealing features, making it a favorite of anyone who loves a good crunch.


Savory: The mix of savory ingredients in Bhakarwadi, such as gram flour, sesame seeds, and dry coconut, make it a great snack for those who enjoy savory flavors.


Juicy: Rasgulla is known for its soft, spongy texture that soaks up a sweet syrup, making each bite juicy and satisfying.


Addictive: Once you start eating Chakli, it's hard to stop! Its delicious taste and texture make it an addictive snack that you'll keep coming back to.

We accept bulk orders for your special occasion !